7/7/21 - Anterior Chain

"Warmup: 3 rounds of 2 min row @22spm rest 20 seconds (8 min) increase spm by 1 each round

2 min instructor demo

40 minutes to complete the following:

4 Rounds: 12 reps each

DB flat bench chest press

DB tate press

alt. sprinter sit-up

4 Rounds: 10 reps each

Incline bench DB close grip chest press

Incline bench supine grip front raise

DB alt. plank pull through

4 Rounds: 8 reps each

Decline pushup to atomic mtn. climber (2 ea. leg)

DB v-up

hard stroke row

60 second recovery & instructor demo:

3 Rounds timed by instructor: 30 sec. ea. Exercise (no transition time) (4.5 min)

alt. low plank w/ hip rotation

palms to elbows

alt. spiderman pushups

5 min cool down & stretch"