6/1/2021 - Posterior Chain

Warm-up: 8 min row

0:00-1:00 @22spm

1:00-2:00 @25spm

2:00-4:00 @28spm

4:00-6:00 @25spm

6:00-8:00 @22spm

90 second instructor demo

3 rounds: 8 each (timecap: 15 min)

DB S/L D/L (each leg)

DB goblet squat to step up (each leg)

DB pullover

MB russian twists (each side)

*if finished row for distance @spm26*

90 second recovery & instructor demo

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (timecap: 28 min)

DB clean to press

incline bench reverse fly

DB/mini band bench hip thruster

Full sit-up

*if finished work back up the rep count starting at 2*

5 min cool down & stretch