5/3/2021 - Lower Body

May 3: Focus: Lower Body

Warmup: (8.5 min)

S/L drill (L) 30 sec

S/L drill (R) 30 sec

both feet in pick drill x45 sec ea length

2 min self paddle row (maintaining same wattage for full row)

4 min row increasing watts by 5-10 each minute

2 min instructor demo

3 Rounds: (timecap: 15 min)

12 DB front squat

6 each DB single arm contralateral step up

12 each elevated heel S/L glute bridge

250m row

*when finished recovery row until time*

90 sec instructor demo

10 min AMRAP

8 DB burpees

10 BW jump squats

8 DB sumo squat (should be as heavy as possible)

10 alt. jump lunges

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

17 min AMRAP

10 ea. mid band dirty dogs

10 KB clean to squat

8 ea. KB S/L D/L

8 ea. DB curtsy lunge

5 min cool down/stretch