5/18/2021 - Metcon

Warmup: 10:30 min

3 min row @ 24

30 sec recovery

3 min row @ 26

1 min recovery

3 min row @ 28

90 sec recovery at rower while instructor demos

60 second instructor demo

3 Rounds: timecap 23 min

Row 400m

Row 600m

Row 800m

*between each round of rows perform the following off erg exercises*

*decrease reps of each exercise by 5 with each new row distance*

25 air squats

25 push-ups

25 full sit-ups

*when finished static crunch with over unders until time*

90 sec demo time for instructor

Tabata Finisher: 3 rounds: 4 min ea. (15 min total)

DB s/a push press (R)

DB s/a push press (L)

Bench hop over

DB s/a swing (R)

DB s/a swing (L)


KB lateral lunge (R)

KB lateral lunge (L)

(1 min recovery between tabata rounds)

5 min cool down/stretch