5/1/2021 - Upper Body

May 1: Focus: Upper Body

Warmup: 3 Rounds: 45 sec each

inch worm

alternating cossack lunge with forward press

gripr alt. seal jack

atomic mountain climber

90 sec instructor demo

10/8/6/4 (timecap: 18 min)

BD seated arnold press

DB curl to uppercut

bench power pushup

30 calorie row

*if finished row for distance*

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

10/8/6/4 (timecap: 14 min)

buy in: 500m row

DB pullover

DB iso glute bridge chest fly

DB s/a snatch (ea.)

Buy out: 500m row

*if finished recover for 60 sec then max calorie row for remainder of time*

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

9 min AMRAP

8 ea. DB bench s/a reverse fly

10 alternating palms to elbows

12 alternating reverse lunge w/ DB crush grip front raise

14 alternating sprinter sit-ups

5 min cool down/stretch