4/22/2021 - Lower Body

April 22: Focus: Lower Body Strength

Warmup: begins block 1

2 min instructor demo

20 min to complete the following:


BW squat

Alternating reverse mtn climber (total)

Alternating jump lunge (total)

*if finished row for distance*

2 min recovery & instructor demo

3 Rounds: (timecap: 20 min)

12 Cal row

12 ea. DB bulgarian split squat

12 DB deadlift

12 DB overhead sit-ups

*when finished row for distance*

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

6 min EMOM

8 DB goblet squat

8 DB goblet alt. forward lunge (total- should use same weight as goblet squat)

8 High knees (total but should be fast and explosive)

5 min cool down/stretch