31 December 2020 - Lower Body Strength

Dec 31: Focus: Lower Body Strength

Warmup: 3 Rounds: 10 min

4 min row for distance ONCE (remember distance)

30 sec BW squat

30 sec BW alt. forward lunge

30 sec side plank leg lift (R)

30 sec side plank leg lift (L)

90 second instructor demo

32 minutes to complete the following:

Buy in: Double distance from warm up row


DB front squat

DB reverse lunge (total)

DB goblet lateral lunge (total)

straight into:


BW jump squat

DB alt. step up (total)

KB behind the back D/L

Buy out: distance from warm up block

*if finished BW crunch until time*

6 min EMOM

3 ea. DB s/a thrusters

6 total alt. jump lunges

9 full sit-ups

5 min cool down/stretch