3/9/2021 - Lower Body Strength

"March 9: Focus: Lower Body

Warmup: 9 min

Pick drill x1 min each length


:30 sec R leg only row

:15 sec to switch legs

:30 sec L leg only row


4 min row @ spm 20-23

2 min instructor demo

9-15-21-15-9 (18 min)

DB front squat

DB stiff leg D/L

DB overhead L-sit sit-up

*if finished row for distance*

2 min recovery & instructor demo

20 min AMRAP

1,000m row (just once)

5 ea. DB rev lunge to step over

10 bench DB hip thrusters

15 jump squats

10 total alt. lateral lunges

5 ea. Banded (around toes) Bench reverse plank psoas march

5 min cool down/stretch"