3/16/21 - Anterior Chain

March 16: Focus: Anterior Chain

warmup: 10 min crew row

start with coach as captain for first 2 min with a designated spm

change captains every 60 seconds after initial 2 min- increasing spm with each new captain

*coach each new captain to pick an spm that is sustainable and able to be built on*

2 min instructor demo

15 min AMRAP

15 DB front squat

12 bench supine grip pushups

10 DB alt. reverse lunge to bicep curl

8 ea. DB s/a hollow hold close grip chest press

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

14 min AMRAP

12 DB hex press to chest fly

10 DB double crunch

8 ea. bear crawl

6 box jumps or alt. step overs

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

13 min AMRAP

500m row (decreasing by 50m each round)

40 mountain climbers (decreasing by 10 each round)

30 BW squats (decreasing by 5 each round)

20 plank jacks (decreasing by 5 each round)

5 min cool down/stretch