29 December 2020 - Posterior Chain

Warmup: 2 min light row then immediately start 8 min AMRAP:

8 hard stroke row @ 18-20spm

8 MB squat jacks

8 superman

2 min instructor demo

29 minutes to complete the following:

4 Sets:

10 DB hip hinge high row immediately into-

15 DB D/L with same weight

30-45 second recovery between sets

500m row at the end of above 4 sets

4 Rounds: 12/12/10/8

KB swings

DB plank renegade row

plank s/a reverse fly

DB s/L glute bridge w/ heel on GRIPR

500m row

*If finished repeat all exercises above starting with high rows for a rep count of 8 ea.

90 second recovery & instructor demo

8 Min AMRAP:

8 ea. low band glute kickback

8 kneeing band pull apart

8 jump squats

8 incline bench DB Y raises

5 min cool down/stretch