2/4/2021 - Anterior Chain

Feb 4: Focus: Anterior Chain

Warmup: 3 rounds: 30 sec each (6 min)

gripr alt. seal jack

DB dead-bug

BW air squat


90 sec instructor demo

28 minutes to complete the following:

3 Rounds: 12 each

DB bench press

kneeling DB tricep overhead extension

palms to elbows (total)

straight into:

3 Rounds: 12 each

Incline DB chest fly

DB s/a hollow hold close grip chest press (6 ea.)

DB pushup to renegade row (6 total pushups)

*when finished row for max cals*

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

18 min AMRAP


calorie row

DB front loaded alt. step up (total)

DB bench sit up to sumo squat

Db uppercut

5 min cool down/stretch