13 Dec 2020 - Upper Body Strength

Dec. 13: Focus: Upper Body Strength

Warm-up: 8 min row

0:00-1:00 @20spm

1:00-2:00 @22spm

2:00-4:00 @26spm

4:00-6:00 @25spm

6:00-8:00 @24spm

2 min instructor demo

12-9-6-3 (timecap for both blocks: 30 min)

Standing DB strict overhead press

DB bent over low row

low band DB hammer curl

DB lateral raise


S/a DB push press (ea.)

hip hinge reverse fly

incline bench close grip DB chest press

MB sit up to russian twist

*when finished 10 plank shoulder taps & 5 full situps until time*

90 second recovery & instructor demo

10-9-8-7-6-5…. (13 min timecap)

calorie row

DB push-up to renegade row

MB squat to front raise

5 min cool down & stretch