1/31/2021 - Posterior Chain

"Jan 31: Posterior Chain

Warmup: 8 min row for distance

focus should be on increasing wattage every 2 min and being able to maintain it for the duration of 8 min row

2 min instructor demo

10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 (as far down the rep count as possible in 19 min)

KB behind back Romanian D/L

DB hip hinge high row

gripr back squat

DB power plank

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

3 Rounds: 12 ea. (timecap 14 min)

DB skier swings

total DB step ups (total)

DB hip hinge reverse fly

high plank alt. bird dog (total)

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

8 min EMOM

5 DB hang clean squat to press

5 donkey kick jumps (or plank alt. s/l raise for 8 total)

5 supermans

5 min cool down/stretch"