1/29/2021 - Anterior Chain

"Jan 29: Focus: Anterior Chain

Warmup: 10 min timed by coach :45 work :15 transition

row @spm 22

off erg bw mtn climber

row @spm 24

off erg bw pushup

row @spm 26

off erg bw mtn climber

row @spm 28

off erg bw pushup

row @spm 30

full burpee for 60 sec

2 min instructor demo

timecap for following rounds: 31 min

4 Rounds: 10/8/6/10

DB hex press to chest fly

DB tricep skull crushers

4 Rounds: 10/8/6/10

DB pull overs

DB standing supine grip front raises

4 Rounds: 10/8/6/10

stroke row focusing on wattage output

bench weighted tricep dips

*if finished repeat exercises at rep count of 8*

90 sec recovery & instructor demo

9 min core blast: timed by coach :45 work :15 recovery (2 rounds: 1 min recovery between rounds)

alt. s/l v-up

side plank crunch (L)

side plank crunch (R)

full sit-up (second round should be full 60 sec)

5 min cool down/stretch"