1/27/2021 - Full Body Strength

"Jan 27: Focus: Full Body

Warmup: 10 min AMRAP

300m row

15 seal jacks

10 BW squats

5 walkout pushups

2 min instructor & demo

26 min to complete the following:


KB goblet sumo squat

Bench power pushup

DB bicep curl to upper cut to arnold press

straight leg raise to reverse crunch

straight into:


DB s/a low row

DB stiff leg D/L

DB upright row

DB front loaded alt. reverse lunge

*if finished full sit up until time*

60 second recovery & instructor demo

15 min AMRAP

250m row

8 DB devils press

8 kneeling DB front raise

8 ea. power band plank pull through

5 min cool down/stretch"