1/17/2021 - Lower Body Strength

"Jan 17: Focus: Lower Body Strength

Warmup: 5 min light row focusing on maintaining steady watts

Block 1 will begin with a row with will be an extended warm-up

60 second instructor demo

For time: 21-15-9-6-3 (timecap: 25 min)

stroke row (max wattage)


Box Jumps


*if finished row for distance*

60 second instructor demo

3 Rounds: 12 reps each (timecap 18 min)

DB front squat

DB curtsy lunge (6 ea.)

mid band lateral walks (6 ea.) 3 down/3 back =1 rep

straight leg raise to rev. crunch

*if finished plank w/ alt. leg left until time*

3 min Finisher (no transition time)

2 Rounds: 30 sec each

MB pulsing half squat

MB overhead alt. forward lunge

MB squat jacks

5 min cool down/stretch"