1/10/2021 - Upper Body Strength

"Jan 10: Focus: Upper Body Strength

Warmup: 3 Rounds (10.5 min) *allow 15 sec transition from rower to floor*

2 min row @spm 22

30 sec off erg palms to elbows

30 sec off erg alt. gripr s/a overhead swing

*increase spm by 1 each row*

2 min instructor demo

30 min to complete the following:


DB curl to overhead press

kneeling DB tricep overhead extension

DB lateral raise

DB plank pull through (total)

straight into:


DB alt. s/a snatch (total)

DB hammer curl

DB bench plank s/a rev. fly (ea.)

weighted bench dips

*if finished row @25 spm for cals*

60 second recovery & instructor demo

12 Min AMRAP

10 MB iso squat font raise

8 DB thrusters

6 bench power pushups

4 ea. hollow hold s/a close grip chest press

5 min cool down/stretch"