Frequently asked questions


What is Sweat FXBG?

Sweat FXBG is a boutique fitness studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia that offers group fitness classes in "Sixty", our original concept HIIT class, Cycle, and Barre. In addition to Sixty, Cycle, and Barre, we offer Stretch classes, specialty classes, and are launching a "Sweat Lab" in late-December which will offer a state of the art personal training / fitness area indepedent of group classes.

Is Sweat a franchise?

NOPE! Sweat is locally owned and operated and is a unique one-of-a-kind experience.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

We designed and launched the studio during the COVID pandemic and have structured the workout spaces to address the "new normal" of working out in the age of COVID. Our full policy and procedures can be read at

How do I join Sweat?

To join Sweat, fill out the form here and you are on your way! Be sure and try out our Free Class offering before commiting to a membership or drop in pack.

What are your class times?

We offer more than 100 classes each week. The full schedule can be viewed on our schedule page.

How much does Sweat cost?

We offer two different pricing plans for Sweat:

  1. Unlimited membership
  2. Drop-in pricing (single or in packs).
For the most up to date rates, please go to the Plans & Pricing page. We offer a $10 discount per month on memberships for Students, Teachers, First Responders, and Veterans. Please message us through the website or email us to sign-up for a discounted membership.

Do you offer anything besides group fitness classes?

In addition to our group fitness "class" format, we offer personal training services in addition to use of the Sweat Lab for members.

Do you sell gift cards?

We do! You can purchase a gift card in the studio or you can purchase one through our Square store online.

Do you have childcare?

YES! We offer limited childcare at Sweat from 0800-1200 on Saturday and Sunday only. Childcare is included in the Studio+ membership, but for all others we charge a nominal $10 fee for a drop-in (it covers your entire family).You book your childcare through our website or app like you book your class.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes! We offer personal training services in addition to our group fitness classes. All personal training sessions are one hour in length and are booked with a specific coach. Each personal training session is $49. See our Plans & Pricing for more information.


Does my membership have a contract?

No. We really do mean that you can cancel your subscription at any time. Everything is done on a month to month basis at Sweat. We don't like the games other studios play with advanced written notice, lengthy contracts, and technical jargon designed to confuse and ultimately take more of your money from you. We wanted an experience that was completely different and as a result we do not have contracts nor will we ever have contracts. If you'd like to cancel your unlimited subscription, please message or call and we will get everything cancelled for you.

Are there any class cancellation / no-show fees?

We recently updated our class cancellation and no-show policy. It's available here.

Do you have a liability waiver?

We do. When you become a member at Sweat, you must read and acknowledge the liability waiver form as part of registration. You can view the waiver at any time here.

What is your privacy policy?

The Sweat Privacy Policy is available for viewing here.

What is the minimum age to workout at Sweat?

The minimum age to workout at Sweat is 13 years old, with parental permission.

Do you offer a student/teacher/first responder/military discount?

Yes! We offer a discount to any student, teacher, first responder, or veteran (past or present). The discount is offered on the studio membership plan only and is $10 off per month. Please contact us to take advantage of this discount.

Can I suspend or pause my membership?

Since Sweat is month-to-month and we don't use contracts, our membership "freeze" policy is slightly different than other studios you may have worked with. Effective April 1st, we will not suspend or pause memberships for less than 30 days. We will gladly suspend your membership for a minimium of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days if requested. Should you decide to not return after the 60 day freeze, we will automatically cancel your membership and you will need to re-sign up for a membership when you wish to return to the studio. Of note, should our pricing change, you will only be eligible for the current membership rates available at the time of re-purchase.

Do you have a referral program?

The referral program was discontinued on May 6, 2021. All "refer-a-friend" discounts will remain active as long as a membership account remains in good standing with the studio.

Do I need to sign a liability waiver/acknowledgement of terms & conditions?

Yes, we have recently changed our policy and now require all participants to confirm and sign a waiver prior to using our facility. You can complete the waiver online here. Previously, we used a checkbox confirming acknowledgement of the liability waiver and cancellation policy, but have decided to ensure all participants read and acknowledge the waiver and policies prior to participating in activities at Sweat.


I'd like to try Sixty. Do you offer a free class?

We do! Sign up for a free week and book your Sixty class today!

What kind of rowers do you use?

We use the Concept2 Model D rower with the PM5 monitors. Concept2 is the recognized industry leader in indoor rowing machines.

What is a strongbox?

The Strongbox, from Escape Fitness, is one of the most unique pieces of equipment in Sweat. Through a close working relationship with Escape, we designed the studio to leverage the unique features of the Strongbox - an all in one workout station - for each station. Inside the Strongbox you'll find dumbbells, kettlebells, medballs, bands, tubes, and griprs for your workout.

What is a Sixty class like?

Our Sixty classes are all 60 minutes in length (hence the name "Sixty"). They are high intensity interval training style group classes. However, just because it is "high intensity" doesn't mean that it isn't designed for all ages and all stages of life. In fact, that's exactly who it is designed for. You can expect a high energy class led by one of our certified Sixty instructors in our one-of-a-kind studio. Every class is different, but will challenge you and keep you coming back for more.

What is the workout of the day?

The workout of the day, or "WOD", is accessible here.


I'd like to try Cycle. Do you offer a free class?

We do! Sign up for a free week and book your Cycle class today!

Do I need spin shoes?

You do not need spin shoes for our Cycle class. We offer Schwinn triple-link pedals with toe cages so you can wear regular shoes into the class.

What kind of spin shoes can I use?

Our Schwinn AC Power bikes have triple link pedals on them. You can use either a Shimano SPD clip or a LOOK Delta clip, in addition to regular shoes.

What kind of spin bikes do you use?

Our studio is equipped with Schwinn AC Power bikes from CORE Fitness. These bikes are top of the line and offer the Echelon2 Perfomance Monitor system as well as include the 4iiii crank powermeter.

Do you rent spin shoes?

Unfortunately, we do not rent spin shoes or have any available to borrow due to COVID-19.


I'd like to try Barre. Do you offer a free class?

We do! Sign up for a free week and book your Barre class today!

What do I need to bring for Barre?

For Barre, you only need to bring a water bottle and Barre socks (or go barefooted) as we don't allow shoes in our Barre studio. We sell Barre socks at Sweat, but you can purchase a pair from many vendors online.


What do I need to bring for Yoga?

We have yoga mats and blocks available in the studio, however, you are welcome to bring your own if you would like.

I'd like to try Yoga. Do you offer a free class?

We do! Sign up for a free week and book your Yoga class today!

Sweat Lab

What is the Sweat Lab?

The Sweat Lab is a choose-your-own-adventure individual training weight room. The Sweat Lab is open when Sweat is open. To use the lab, simply "book" a spot in the daily Sweat Lab block and check-in with the front desk when you arrive.

What equipment is in the Sweat Lab?

A ton! The Sweat Lab has Concept2 rowers, strongboxes, dummbells, kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates, ropes, cable cross-over machine, battle ropes, sandbags, and much much more. All of our equipment is made by Escape Fitness and is brand new.


What kind of rowers do you use?

We use the Concept2 Model D rower with the PM5 monitors. Concept2 is the recognized industry leader in indoor rowing machines.

What should I bring to a row class?

We always recommend bringing a water bottle to any of our classes, but you may want to bring your smartphone to the row class. Concept2 offers a free app, Ergdata, that lets you wireless pair with the rower to track your rowing stats and see additional metrics. The Ergdata app is available for both iOS and Android. The links are below: - Ergdata on iOS - Ergdata for Android

What is a row class like?

A row class follows a common template. It consists of: 1) Warm-up (between 6-8 min) 2) Drills (~ 5 min) 3) Workout (~15-25 min) You'll have rest time built in throughout and the workouts are designed for all ages and stages of fitness. We use time-based intervals, rather than distance, to ensure everyone starts and finishes at the same time, regardless of level of fitness or skill.

Personal Training

Do you offer personal training?

Yes! Our certified personal trainers will provide you with a standardized fitness assessment, discuss your goals, and develop a custom tailored plan built just for you. You can get a free, 45 minute consultation, by "purchasing" the free consultation plan on our plans and pricing page.

How much does personal training cost?

Personal training is $49 per one hour session with a trainer. The current pricing is available on our plans and pricing page.

How do I track my personal training program?

We use the Trainerize app for all personal training clients at Sweat. You'll get an email invite from our staff when you begin your free consultation and all of the instructions for install and configuration will be sent to your email. Trainerize can be accessed through a mobile app and through the website at