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Why Sweat?

Our approach

 Sweat offers the ultimate cardio and strength conditioning workouts in a single studio location.  Maximize your movements with instructor-led cardio and weight training sessions. Get lost in immersive workouts built for your body. The combination of strength and cardio training will burn more calories while toning your arms, back, abs, glutes, and legs. 


The experience

Mix-and-match fitness classes from any of our group fitness modalities (HIIT, Cycle, Barre, Row, Yoga) or chart your own course in our Lab.  Our one-of-a-kind studio combines high-end lighting and sound to ensure an experience like no other.

The Studio

From custom artwork to high-end lighting, sound, and equipment, Sweat is a studio like no other. We are passionate team of fitness professionals inspired to help you achieve the best version of yourself in an inclusive and judgement-free environment. Sweat is locally owned and operated and is not a franchise. 

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